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Sunny prospects with solar power plants

Benefit from the enormous potential of solar energy. And rely on JUWI's competence and experience with PV project development: from planning to grid-connection as well as engineering, procurement and construction.

How a solar park is constructed

Site survey

Every solar project begins with a search for a suitable green field. The first step is the identification of the appropriate land (public, municipal, or private) in terms of geophysical characteristics, inclinations, area etc.

Screening of the land is necessary in order to minimize potential future development risks. Our screening process includes preliminary evaluation of the proposed area by checking availability on RAE, archeological risks, natura impacts, forest and cadastral maps as well as land ownership determination. Finally, in order to complete the evaluation, it is necessary to identify the established grid facilities (grid lines and substations) in the area and proceed to preliminary grid connection possibilities. 

Project Development

JUWI negotiates with the landlords (in case of private lands) and the respective authorities to ensure the on time issuance of all licenses throughout the development steps from the Application for the Certificate of Producer, the issuance of the Environmental Terms Approval, Final Grid Connection Terms, Installation License, Building/Small Scale Works Permit and finally the Operation License. We take care of lease contracts, planning permissions and options for electricity feed into the grid.

We are your reliable EPC service contractor: As an EPC service provider, we design the plant (Engineering), purchase components and services (Procurement) and construct the power plant (Construction) including the infrastructure. 

With our planning your project becomes sound and sustainable. We define the number and type of modules as well as the assembly systems tailored to the conditions on-site. Our engineers customize each power plant to perfectly suit the conditions onsite. We provide you with high-quality components and assist you in any questions regarding financing with our experience from more than 1,800 successful solar projects worldwide. 


Our procurement experts optimize the profitability of the project by negotiating framework contracts with component manufacturers.


With construction the project becomes reality: We undertake the construction management and coordinate all activities during the construction phase. Modules, assembly systems, power inverters and transformers (where applicable) are delivered, assembled and wired. Depending on the onsite conditions, road construction measures may become necessary. JUWI puts the plant into operation by connecting it to the power grid.

Our greatest area of expertise is in solar plants in utility-scale with a capacity of over fifty megawatt. Industrial companies as well as investment firms and energy suppliers can profit from our experience. Moreover, we can reliably provide energy for mining companies or agricultural businesses with our off-grid solutions.

Furthermore, we take care of the operational management of your plant

After the plant is commissioned, it is monitored from our control room 365 days a year. Our service technicians regularly carry out inspections and repairs as required. Due to the trouble-free operation we secure the profitability of the power plant over a period of 30 years.

Our strengths

You need the right partner for a large solar project: Benefit from our extensive experience and the competence of our employees.

Extensive experience

We have been successfully developing and constructing solar power plants since 1996

Strong partnership

Our mother company, MVV Energie from Mannheim, is one of the largest German energy suppliers with a clear focus on the expansion of renewable energy

Complete package

From finding a suitable site and project planning to realization through to operations

Our references

Here you will find a selection of our most exciting projects in Greece.

Facts and figures for project Kozani

204 MW

The largest bifacial solar power plant in Europe of its time

320 million kWh
Annual yield

Sufficient to supply more than 75,000 homes

Project sites

Covering an area of 4,500 hectares

Construction of solar park Kozani

Fascinating insights into the construction of JUWI´s biggest solar farm in Greece

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