Solarpark Cactus Garden Solar

Εγκατεστημένη ισχύς:
602 kW
Εκτιμώμενη ετήσια παραγωγή:
1.25 mil. kWh
United States
ομοσπονδιακό κράτος:
Θέση σε λειτουργία:
Αριθμός μονάδων:

The 602 kW Cactus Garden Solar project is owned by a subsidiary of juwi and consists of 2,112 BYD solar panels on a horizontal single-axis tracker.   The facility generates approximately 1250 megawatt-hours of zero-emissions electricity per year, offsetting about 825 tons of greenhouse gas pollution annually. Cactus Garden Solar generates renewable energy for the Ethel M® Chocolates facility owned by the Mars Corporation.

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