Solar Plant Palmer Solar

Εγκατεστημένη ισχύς:
82 MW
United States
ομοσπονδιακό κράτος:
Colorado, El Paso County
Θέση σε λειτουργία:
Αριθμός μονάδων:

juwi Inc., our US subsidiary based in Boulder (Colorado), is building an 82 MWp (AC) solar farm in El Paso County on behalf of US utility Duke Energy Renewables. The solar power plant with its more than 200,000 solar modules is located south of the city of Colorado Springs in the US state of Colorado. After being connected to the grid in late 2020 , the solar power plant is supplying clean electricity to more than 19,000 households. The solar farm was developed by juwi. juwi Inc. also provides Duke Energy with the associated engineering services, the purchase of components and the construction of the park, including the grid connection. After completion, juwi also took over the technical operational management.

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